As a responsible member of the building industry, ABCD has been committed to a sustainable development approach for the past 8 years.



This approach not only concerns the design of our partition systems, but also the production procedures. Furthermore, ABCD has been working towards the environmental awareness of its entire staff members.



Since 2010, our company ABCD International can submit environmental and health declaration sheets (called FDES). With the « green » policies and the omnipresent High Environmental Quality approach requested by Project Management, these FDES are a real answer to any environment issues from the building industry.



These FDES allow the manufacturers to communicate on the environmental and health aspects of their products, since they list the different impacts they have on environment.



These FDES for solid and glass partitions comply with the norm NF P01-010 and are available upon request.




Our fdeS

For solid and glass partitions
are available
upon request.




In addition to these FDES, our R&D department has issued a complete technical memorandum (available upon request),which presents the main information on raw materials and the different product life-cycle stages (from the extraction of raw materials to the end-of-life treatment, as well as production, implementation, transport…).



Data such as Energy, Raw Materials, Water, Emission and Discharge of Waste, are analysed in terms of consumption of resources and energy, air, water, and ground emissions, production of waste, and of course re-use at the end of the life-cycle. What is analysed : origin, routing, CO2 emissions, impacts on environment, production of waste, implementation, product life cycle, re-use and performance of the products.



This Technical Memorandum is available upon request at our R&D dpt.










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