Glue-laminated in our factory, vinyl-coated panels of plasterboard feature numerous properties which make this system the most widespread product and the easiest to implement when installing demountable partitions.

Almost unlimited in terms of colours and patterns, the creations of the vinyl coating manufacturers will most certainly appeal to you. In addition to standard vinyl-coated panels of plasterboard, we also offer variations such as M0 or water-repellent supports, sheet metal coatings, etc.


As for melamine panels, they make it possible to coordinate the colour of the filling of the solid parts of the partitions with doors made of laminated wood. ABCD has in stock a wide choice of colours in the EGGER or POLYREY range.


Daylight is at the origin of life and no one could live without it. Beyond its main function, the choice of the type of glazing is a deciding factor in an office : our complete offer will enable you to create the ideal working environment:

  • Technical choice: clear, laminated, tempered or fire-resistant glass.
  • Aesthetic choice: sandblasted sheet glass or frosted glass, colour film, etc.

The translucence of frosted or sandblasted sheet glass makes it possible to let light enter while cutting off direct sight. It preserves the privacy of certain premises.


Acoustic insulation depends on the thickness of the glazing. Please feel free to make enquiries about the numerous ACERMI-certified tests developed by ABCD.


ABCD offers a range of 9/10-thick laminated wood, combining 46 of the most representative designs on the market selected by architects and designers.


ABCD can supply any other type of laminate design, including genuine wood or metal finish. We also offer a wide range of fittings and accessories (several types of handles, pull handles, stops, barrels, etc.).


Together with MALERBA, ABCD has developed a wide range of doors and door stops, fire-resistant, acoustic or featuring an automatic safety device. Its numerous advantages combine to create products which are practical to install in all types of public premises.


Noise pollution has become one of the main concerns of the tertiary sector. It requires extensive research in order to find an efficient and sustainable solution. ABCD has tested its systems so that they feature the appropriate, high-performance insulation. We have in stock a wide range of systems to match the specifications and requirements of your projects: glass wool or rock wool, in panels or rolls.


We also offer extra bituminous coatings for enhanced soundproofing. This system has been officially subject to acoustic tests carried out by the CSTB. Each thickness of this coating offers a certain level of acoustic weakening to meet your specific requirements.


Over the centuries, Italians have been known as pioneers and creators in the field of blinds. Venetian blinds are a perfect example of this reputation. Indeed, Venetian blinds play with the sun and light, to create a particularly pleasing effect for end users.


25mm-wide treated aluminium slats are available in nearly 120 colours and 8 different types of finish.


Blinds with vertical or horizontal slots enhance offices for several reasons : They are extremely easy to handle, and do not require any maintenance whatsoever. They come to life to meet your needs by creating private or open spaces. They divide spaces by playing with the light.







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